The Wall Street Journal - Natural Gas Prices Leap to 19 Month High

Natural-gas prices rose to their highest level in more than a year and a half on Monday, extending a recent rally with traders preparing for colder temperatures and assessing the impact of weather-related supply disruptions.

Natural-gas futures for November delivery advanced 5.1% to $2.881 a million British thermal units, recording their highest close since March 2019. Prices have rallied about 14% so far this month and are up roughly 60% in the past three months, with recent gains coming ahead of the winter heating season.



There’s More Upside For Natural Gas Prices

With winter around the corner, the outlook for natural gas demand just got a boost. Forecasts, for now, seem to point to a normal winter, meaning a rise in gas demand for power generation and heating. But will prices follow? They are already improving…