OPEC “Powerless To Prevent” Oil Prices Jumping Toward $100 A Barrel This Year

China initially rejected a U.S. request to choke off the flow of petrodollars to Iran but, amid intense pressure from the Trump administration, China is now reportedly taking steps to comply.



Big Oil Is Sowing The Seeds For A “Super-Spike” In Crude Prices Above $150, Bernstein Warns

Oil prices could top all-time highs near $150 a barrel because energy companies are investing too little money in new production, Bernstein Research said Friday.



There Are Fears About An Oil Spike Above $150

Oil investors may regret urging companies to cough up cash now instead of investing in growth for later as the death of exploration is setting the stage for an unprecedented crude price spike, according to Sanford C. Berstein & Co.



Iran Sanctions Could Soon Push Oil Prices Above $90 A Barrel

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Says: ” We are in a very attractive oil price environment and our house view is that oil will hit $90 by the end of the second quarter of next year”.



Morgan Stanley Says a Shipping Revolution Has Oil Headed for $90

Forget Iran and OPEC - there’s another issue that will keep oil prices supported for the next two years, according to Morgan Stanely.



Are We Sleepwalking Into The Next Oil Crises?

One school of thought is that future oil demand is set to decline because consumers will have better options. Many in this “peak demand” camp believe that the growth of electric vehicles will soon make oil obsolete.

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